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6 Best Piano Plugins 2020

We’ve finally reached the end of our quest to find the best piano plugins!  In this roundup, we’ll be weighing the results from the five in-depth reviews I’ve done over the previous weeks and crown the champions in each category, plus name my favorite free piano VST plugin as well.  Let’s get down to business!

CategoryProduct NameInstrument TypeDownload SizePrice
Best OverallArturia Piano V2Modeled91 MB$249
Most RealisticWaves Grand Rhapsody PianoSampled14 GB$79
Best ValueAIR Mini GrandSampled1 GB$69
Best StandaloneToontrack EZKeys Grand PianoSampled1 GB$149
Best ExtrasSONiVOX Eighty Eight EnsembleSampled11 GB$59
Best Free VSTBitsonic Audio Keyzone ClassicSampled300 MBFREE

Best Piano Plugin Overall – Arturia Piano V2

After intensely reviewing piano plugins over the last month, Arturia Piano V2 is the plugin that I was the most impressed by and got the highest score out of the bunch. Other than also having the highest price, I couldn’t find a single fault with Arturia Piano V2 and was incredibly impressed by its featureset. Being the only modeled plugin out of the group, Arturia Piano V2 has the smallest download size, and is light on processor use while having an incredibly realistic piano tone.

If you’re only going to buy one piano plugin, Arturia Piano V2 is well worth the investment. The best value of all comes from purchasing the entire Arturia V Collection 7, which comes with an additional 23 fully-featured keyboard plugins for under $500 retail.

Below is the sample from my full review of Arturia Piano:

Most Realistic-Sounding Piano Plugin – Waves Grand Rhapsody Piano

It cannot be overstated how realistic-sounding the sample set in Waves Grand Rhapsody Piano is. The Fazioli F228 grand piano that Waves sampled in the creation of this plugin has a hauntingly good tone. It’s clear from the days that I spent evaluating this plugin that Waves took a great deal of care in creating the samples using eight different mic configurations. In my review, I did find a few usability issues, but if those were fixed this plugin could easily have been the winner of the round-up.

Here is the demo from the complete review of Waves Grand Rhapsody Piano:

Best Piano Plugin Value – AIR Mini Grand

While the regular retail price of AIR Mini Grand may be slightly higher than that of the offering from SONiVOX, it is frequently on sale for under $15, making this plugin an absolute steal if you can get it on promotion.  Also, it is very often bundled with other AIR virtual instrument plugins like Velvet and DB-33, making it an even greater value if purchased at the right time. As such, I found AIR Mini Grand to be the best value among the bunch.

Here is the sample from the in-depth review of AIR Mini Grand:

Best Standalone Features – Toontrack EZKeys Grand Piano

In addition to working well as a DAW plugin, Toontrack EZKeys Grand Piano has a great deal of additional standalone functionality that really makes it stand out. Though most of the plugins in the roundup also offer standalone versions, users will find many of the features of EZKeys particularly useful for songwriting, basic MIDI recording, or just playing around and blowing off steam without having to fully load into a DAW and set up a project.

Below is a sample of Toontrack EZKeys Grand Piano from my full review:

Best Extras – SONiVOX Eighty Eight Ensemble 

SONiVOX Eighty-Eight Ensemble includes not only convincing piano tones at the lowest retail price point of our roundup, but also includes fun ensemble features that add choirs, pads, synths, strings, and other instruments to create interesting and unique sounds. Eighty Eight Ensemble is a fantastic option for those on a budget who want a realistic and versatile piano plugin and some additional functionality to play with.

A sample from my review of SONiVOX Eighty Eight Ensemble:

Best Free Piano VST Plugin – Keyzone Classic

If you don’t have the funds to pick up one of the plugins above, Bitsonic Audio’s Keyzone Classic remains my favorite free option for classic piano tones. It’s a sample-based plugin with five piano and electric piano tones, including a convincing Rhodes tone. Though nowhere near the sound quality of any of the other plugins and lacking a realistic sustain function, Keyzone is better than nothing and is good for beginners to get their feet wet with virtual instruments.

(Note: Pro Tools users should be aware that this plugin is not available in AAX/RTAS format, so you’ll need a VST or AU wrapper to use Keyzone Classic.)

Here’s a quick sample of Keyzone Classic using the exact same MIDI file from the five reviews in our roundup:

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed the whole series of reviews that culminated in this roundup, and that it proves useful in finding the best option for your piano tones. Please feel free to join us in the Home Studio Enthusiasts Facebook group for more discussion and advice!

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